We manage investor's expectations and facilitate social enterprise.

London Business Brokers provides independent advisory services to:

  • Commercial enterprises that benefits the daily life of common people
  • Social initiatives seeking guidance for operational and financial viability
  • Corporations and HNWI aware of impact investment and cosumer trends

"Our strategy for the next decade is to assist a new economy that position social interests in the front row"

Phil Nichols, Chair




Heatlh, Food, FMCG, Retail, Industry, Supply Chain, Software, Cleantech, VC

Market Research, Business Plan, Strategy, M&A, Managment, Marketing, Finance

Assigments included:

Health, food, and retailers - Unilever, Nando's, Coombes, Highthoughts http://heartageunilever.appspot.com

British Waterways Network - £380 millions asset base, £250 millons turnover p.a. http://www.britishwaterways.co.uk/twentytwenty/faq

Universal Wireless Access - Fon,BT,Google,Skype ,Atomico Ventures, Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FON

The People's Supermarket - A social enterprise CHANNEL4 http://www.channel4.com/search/?q=The+peoples+supermarket

Queens Park Comunity Council - Very local government THE ECONOMIST http://www.economist.com/node/18184314?story_id=18184314



19/04/2013 - 19/04/2013 Hackathon: Urban Prototyping, Imperial College


First Gov egov